We advise private clients on family relates matters as well as on their private and corporate asset and succession planning, including foundation law.

In particular, we assist our clients in the following areas:

We draft tailor-made marriage contracts and prenuptial agreements. When drafting marriage contracts, the aim is to avoid conflict in the event of separation.

Through many years of experience in the field of family law, we know how to settle each eventuality and respond to the individual needs of our clients.

One particular focus of our work in the contentious area of family law is divorce law. If the marriage is broken, upon request we will try to work out an agreement to make the divorce easier on both parties, with a solution tailored to both of their interests.

If necessary, we assert our clients’ interests in court.

We develop tailor-made inheritance law solutions together with our clients. When drafting testamentary arrangements (especially wills), particular sensitivity and foresight is required. We take the take time for our clients and carefully plan their last will.

When planning the succession of assets, we coordinate closely with our clients’ tax advisers to ensure that the best solutions can be achieved.

If disagreements arise between heirs, we assert the interests of our clients, taking into account personal and economic objectives. Our goal is for all parties to resolve the dispute in a way that ensures the continued existence of the family in future. In these cases, we rely on the instrument of mediation.

If necessary, we also enforce our clients’ interests in court.

The planning, design and implementation of successful company succession plans are part of our DNA, as they demonstrate the strength of our interdisciplinary advisory approach. In addition to corporate law, strategic advice as well as inheritance and family law play an important role for us.

Be it classic succession in the family business by family members, long-time employees or third parties, the implementation of family foundations and family pools, as well as the installation of supervisory bodies (supervisory board and advisory board) — we keep everything in view and work out the best solutions together with our clients and their tax advisers.

Foundations are an important structuring instrument in the area of succession planning for family businesses due to their attractive tax benefits and the possibility of securing assets and company values over generations.

When designing foundations, we coordinate closely with the donors and develop long-term and sustainable solutions.



Roots in the Black Forest, at home around the world. We advise our clients throughout Germany, and beyond from our offices in Freudenstadt, Nagold and Rottweil.

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